Bells Of America

Time to Ring The Bells of Marketing

The Problem

Bells Of America was faced with an immediate challenge of reaching a specific audience that fits their appetite in providing electronic church bells. Our team immediately saw an opening in bringing in a new audience that was currently in the market or shown interest in purchasing a new church bell.

Our approach

Our services for Bells of America are paid search ads via google ad words. Our team faced a challenge early in finding an audience that was in the market for electronic church bells. That is where our responsive display ads came into place to capture an audience that fits their appetite and serve those customers with search ads.

The Effect

The effect our team had created was amazing. The bounce rate on their website decreased significantly solely because our team were driving the right traffic to their website. The average CPC for our time being partners with Bells of America was at an all-time low of $0.56. With over 2.8 million impressions Bells of America saw a significant increase to their business.

CPC Cost $0.56

2.8 Million Impressions

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